The platform

Adamant Lane delivers SAP-enabled platform services for financial supply-chain investors, service providers, customers and suppliers worldwide.

The adamant platform delivers fully integrated services across the whole financial supply-chain to the global community ― always customized to your needs, micro-service based for modular use and yet 100 % compliant. It is parametrical to its core. A multi-client & multi-provider global cloud platform without any local IT, easy to use and with continuous innovation on newest technology.

Bringing funds in use and monitoring compliance of fully automated processes on a new level! Combining the strength of the global market leading ERP software SAP S/4HANA with the global leading Business Technology Platform of SAP using SAP Cloud Platform and Leonardo technologies enables high flexibility based on a stable and always compliant core! Globally available!

We deliver the freedom of choice to use and integrate our microservice-based cloud applications with standard APIs together with a always correct and auditable bank management sub-ledger.

With SAP Analytics Cloud as flexible reporting framework we assure, that all relevant KPIs for your business are available real-time for your core markets, products and assets – with a drill-down option to the single item!

Big data and machine learning are no buzzwords for us, but are strength of our platform to improve your business without limits!

»We improve your business!«

Exception handling is the new normal – no volume of manual data entries, no options for handling mistakes or fraud! The end2end process is completely automated and your users focus on exceptions delivered based on our rules engine into their workflow basket! With all options of release steps based on our workflow engine and then again posting fully automated down to the bank management sub-ledger and the integrated cash-out to your banking partner.

No excuses for delayed payments anymore – real-time is the new reality! you don‘t care anymore about classical bank day logic – always now is your target!

Your business scenarios are our bible – you combine our microservices according to your business needs and existing processes – we integrate into them with our APIs – seemless and quick!

Our selection of service-based Apps on the platform will be orchestrated by us to accelerate your business model – integrated to your business partners for payment, credit insurance, KYC and rating! Or you choose one of our already integrated partners with easy and automated processes into their APIs.

Your freedom of choice! Our abilities and preconfigured services!